Rationale for Assessment

             In our weather unit we have both formative and summative assessments. We believe this is important because the more informal assessments throughout the unit to check for understanding and progress before moving on. Summative assessment is also important so students can see an end goal and have an artifact to keep and use from their work in the weather unit.

            Every lesson has some plan for assessment with it. This could be as simple as a checklist for the teacher to check the students to understand, some other examples from the weather unit are a work page, a discussion, and poster presentations. Throughout the unit students will be compiling information about the different disasters in the context of how to prepare and keep safe. All of this data will be combined into a brochure that explains safety procedures and information to reference if there is a natural disaster. Students can use this to refer to in case they do not remember what to do in an emergency, or to show others in their family and school, so they can be safe too.