Rationale For ELL Strategies

    Throughout the many lessons in our weather unit, we have incorporated different strategies to specifically benefit students who are English Language Learners (ELL).  Some of the strategies that have been included are building background knowledge by using activities such as KWL charts, going over key vocabulary words and using a translation if needed, using multiple techniques during instruction (such as speaking, writing, using body language, and labeling illustrations for students), and giving students the choice of how to express their ideas and opinions.  We think that it is important to ensure that ELL students feel included and that they are comfortable learning in the classroom.  We included differentiations and accommodations in our lessons in order to provide all students the opportunity to participate in lessons at a level that is still engaging for students yet provides the appropriate assistance needed.  Students come from all different backgrounds and speak many different languages, therefore it is essential that teachers use strategies to differentiate the lessons and provide the tools necessary to include these ELL students in the lessons and help them gain the same understanding as the native speakers.