Heat Wave ELL Lesson Plan

Date: 11/27/10

Grade Level/Subject: 1st/Science/Literacy

Prerequisite Knowledge:  What a heat wave is and how it affects plants growth.

Approximate Time: 40 minutes

Student Objectives/Student Outcomes: Students will conclude why it is important to be aware of natural disasters and ways to stay safe.

Students will differentiate between just feeling hot and being extremely dehydrated having a heat stroke.

Students will define the words Heat Stroke and Dehydrated.

Content Standards:

12. B. Know and apply concepts that describe how living things interact with each other and with their environ­ment.

12.B.1b  Describe how living things depend on one another for survival.

12. E. Know and apply concepts that describe the features and processes of the Earth and its resources.

12.E.1b  Identify and describe patterns of weather and seasonal change.


A projector and computer

1 work sheet per group (attached)


3 minutes         Opening of lesson: (Objectives, hook, behavior expectations)

Play the youtube clip of the safety dance from glee. Ask the students why it is important to plan ahead and have a safety plan? Write this question on the board also.

Procedures: Include critical thinking questions and accommodations for individual needs

Write down the students ideas for why it is important to have plans for safety on the board.

Ask for the students to think of examples of times when they needed to have a plan. (slowly ask and enunciate)

Read the definition of a Heat Stroke to the class “Heat waves cause stress on the body when there is too much heat being absorbed and not enough heat being lost though the body’s normal cooling processes. When a person is not able to cool down, their body temperature gets higher, they breathe quicker and their pulse increases. As the body gets hotter and hotter, water is lost from their blood and it gets thicker. This can cause heat stroke and people can suffer serious or even fatal consequences”


Explain that everyone feels hot in the summer, but sometimes it can be dangerous to be super hot if our body cannot control the heat level. That is why it is important to make sure we try to stay cool and drink a lot of water.


*For ELL students use hand motions such as fanning yourself to represent being hot, or pretending to drink water.


Heat waves can affect things differently. For this activity each group will be given a role and talk about how they think a heat wave will affect them. Next, they will write down some ways they would stay safe.


Pass out one piece of paper per group.

Roles: A tree, a life guard, a grandparent, a dog, a 1st grade student.


While the students are working play the youtube clip of the song “Heat Wave” by the Martha and the VanDella’s. Encourage students to use the words Heat Stroke and Dehyrdated in their discussion. Write these on the board.



Bring the whole class together and have each group share what role they had and how they would be affected by a heat wave.

Summarize that heat waves can be dangerous and it is always important to have a plan for dangerous weather situations.

            Student Assessment:

Collect the work pages from each group and check that there are at least three suggestions that makes sense given the group’s role. Also, walk around the room and take note of who is participating and helping their group.

Rational for ELL: This lesson incorporates visuals through the youtube clips and writing on the board. The teacher speaks slowly and clearly and incorporates hand gestures. Also, specific vocabulary is highlighted and students are encouraged to work on using in small groups.



Role: _________________________


How I would keep cool during a heat wave: